Basil Teeth Tattoos Booking Information

Hello! My name is Rowan Lee (they/them), and I started my tattoo apprenticeship at Intentional Ink in September of 2021. I have been working on skin since November 2021, and you can see my work on my Instagram. You can email me at [email protected] if you would like to schedule an appointment! Please only DM me for booking if you are claiming an open appointment spot from my Instagram story.I enjoy tattooing a variety of subject matter, but particularly pieces based on nature, cats, and fun little guys. My available flash designs are shown on my Instagram highlight, and I take custom requests. For custom work, we can schedule a free consultation if needed, and I will send you a mockup a week before your appointment.My rate is $90/hr, and I round up to the nearest half hour. I require a nonrefundable $40 deposit (goes towards the total cost of your tattoo). After the invoice is sent, you have 3 days to pay it or let me know when you can pay it, otherwise you will lose your spot. I will not start working on custom sketches until the deposit is paid.Please read below for further booking instructions and my policies.Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Please include the following information in your booking email

  • Put the flash design you're claiming or your tattoo idea in the subject line (e.g. woodcut style oarfish).

  • Your name and pronouns

  • What you would like tattooed

  • If you want grey wash and/or color.

  • What size and location you are thinking of for the piece.

  • If the piece is a cover up or will be going over raised scars.

  • What days and times you are generally free for an appointment. I schedule for Wednesdays through Saturdays 2-8pm.

  • If you you would like custom work, please include a reference photo or 2 of what you would like.

  • If this will be your first tattoo, let me know if you would like information on what to prepare and expect.

I will not Tattoo

  • I do not tattoo minors.

  • Subjects that would be disrespectful and/or culturally appropriative (dreamcatchers, the om symbol, etc).

  • Sacred symbols from cultures I or the client are not part of.

  • Realism

  • If you would like to get another artist's work tattooed, please ask for permission first! Some artists have "tattoo tickets" you can pay to support them.

Studio Information

I work at Intentional Ink. We're a by-appointment-only studio located at 6504 28th Street Southeast, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546. It's on the first floor and in the back of the same buildings as Sugar Momma’s.

At this time, we are requiring everyone in the studio to wear masks.Accessibility Information

  • No stairs or steps are needed to access the studio.

  • There are no automatic doors in the building.

  • The are no strong scents in the space.

  • There is a spacious single use bathroom, but it does not have grab bars.

  • Feel free to tell me any access needs that you think I should know.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy
Please give at least a 24 hour notice if you cannot make your appointment and/or would like to reschedule. You don't have to tell me any personal information you don't want to when contacting me about this (a "I can't make it today" is perfectly fine).
If you no-show without sufficient notice, you forfeit your deposit and will need to pay another to reschedule.After rescheduling 3 times, you will need to pay another deposit to reschedule again.If you requested custom work and decide to cancel, you forfeit the design and it may become available as flash.The best way to get a hold of me on short notice is through my Instagram dms.